Pear tree pollination?

Asked February 9, 2016, 10:55 PM EST

I have a long(1/2 mile)40 acre property in southern Michigan. I have trees all along the boundries, including a few pear trees which are wild but do produce smallish pears but are about 1000 feet from my backyard. I have a semi-dwarf Bartlett pear tree in my backyard that for the last 3 years are loaded with blossoms, but after the blossoms fall the only fruit I get is a pear-shaped pea size fruit that never gets any bigger all season. Is the tree bad? Need to plant another variety of pear tree? The tree is healthy. Thank youfor any help.

Barry County Michigan

2 Responses

Yes you probably need a pollinizer variety. Under really warm conditions Bartlett is self fruitful but all our commercial pear orchards do have pollinizers. Here in Michigan the most popular commercial variety is Bosc, But d'Anjou and Comice will work as well. Seckle will not pollinate Bartlett pear.

I should also add that bees do not find pear blossoms very attractive, so the pollinizer tree should be planted close so the the bees will fly between the trees. Sounds like the volunteer trees are too far away.