Invasive vines killing trees in Maryland

Asked February 9, 2016, 4:21 PM EST

I seem to be the only one around me who is noticing all the trees being overwhelmed and destroyed by invasive vines. I really don't think anything can be done about it but wanted to ask. Thank you, Kevin


1 Response

You are not the only one, but you are wise for your concern.
There are multiple invasive plant species in Maryland, and several vines which may be the culprit you are seeing, including kudzu, oriental bittersweet, wisteria, English ivy among them.
Here is our invasive plants page where you can learn more and identify the one you are noticing.
We would encourage private homeowners to control invasive plants on their property, and there are some environmental groups which do try to do invasives control, but you are correct, it is a difficult battle.