Asked February 9, 2016, 3:12 PM EST

I have rented a ranch house close to Deaver. The front yard is just soil. The landloard tells me the soil and water are alkaline so grass seed never grows. I am looking to landscape with grasses and other plants that will work in this environment. Little to know water. What would you recommend and how would I get it. Thanks. Stan Zimmerman

Big Horn County Wyoming

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HI Stan,
This is a very common question for this area. I would recommend a soil test to see if the problem is salinity, pH or alkalinity or something else. Once you know your results you'll have a better idea of what to plant and if there is a soil amendment to help correct the problem.
I'll give you a few online resources but if you have more questions, set up a time to come into the Extension office and I'll give you much more-
Great website with tons of resources...
Low Maintenance Grasses for Revegetating Lawns:
Salinity Problems in Turfgrasses:
You might also go onto WebSoilSurvey and see what it says about your soil type and plants native to the area.
Seed companies that would be able to provide these seeds are Wind River Seed out of Manderson, WY and Pawnee Buttes Seed out of Colorado, as well as others.
To plug a class I have coming up in April in Powell-- I will be teaching a class on native landscaping.
Again, I have some resources in my office too.
Best of luck!

Please give more information on your class in Powell. How do I sign up for it

I don't have the registration details yet but it is through the Powell Community Education program. The dates are evening of April 5, 12, 19 and Saturday Apr. 23. Check back with our office- call or email info below- in the next month or email me and I'll send the info as soon as I have it.
Thanks for your interest!