Asparagus crowns

Asked February 9, 2016, 9:54 AM EST

I have some asparagus crowns that I got last year.. I did not plant them and they have been kept in a cardboard box inside my shed all winter.. Should I plant them this year..will they grow?

White County Georgia

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Asparagus crowns are not usually stored for long periods.
If they require storage, they are stored in a cool place or are heeled in a trench of moist soil in a shaded location until they can be planted. Pack soil firmly against roots to eliminate air pockets. The roots and crowns should be full and slightly moist and not shriveled. Roots that are dry brown or soggy black indicate poor storage and will probably give poor results. Most likely you will need to start over.
See the attached link
You should contact the extension office in your area, for more information