Box Elder Bugs

Asked February 8, 2016, 12:16 PM EST

In spite of hard freeze and big snow, we are being invaded by massive numbers of Box Elder Bugs. Don't know where the tree is and probably not on our property so not sure what we can do about it. We live in a big white Victorian house in Garrett Park, Maryland and I am told by our exterminator that the only treatment is either very toxic or very temporary. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to solve this problem. It's really making me crazy. Thank you,

Montgomery County Maryland pest control box elder bugs

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Box elder bugs are a nuisance insect. In early fall these insects will attempt to enter your home for protection. Prevention includes caulking , weather strip and sealing up all cracks and entry points around your house foundation, vent openings, windows and doorways to prevent these critters from coming indoors. We do not recommend insecticides indoors. You can use a shop vac indoors and drown in soapy water or vacuum up the bugs and dispose of the bag. Outdoors the insects can be knocked down with a forceful spray of soapy water. If plants are nearby you may want to use insecticidal soap. The most efficient control can be obtained in October when the population is concentrated on the trunks of boxelder trees near the ground. For more information see our Box Elder publication