Boxwood diseases

Asked February 7, 2016, 3:22 PM EST

My English boxwood, all ages,all sizes, are getting orange spots to the tips of the branches facing the sunlight. They turn brown within several weeks, then white and then die. I have tried a fungicide without much luck. I thought initially that it was sun scald but while it looks like it at first, that is not the case. This process slows in the winter but comes back in Spring. Problem has been there for several years but is growing. Most are in sunlight a portion of the day. Soil is the usual development stuff but I have been adding topsoil and fertilizing a little. Plants are in good drainage and even when stricken will put out new growth on nonaffected areas.

Howard County Maryland

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Boxwoods in general can be susceptible to several fungal diseases, insect, vole, and abiotic issues (cultural and environmental). Please send us photos of the affected boxwoods. Send photos of the whole shrub and affected branches and stems so we can see what you are dealing with. Look at our publication for information on symptoms and causes