Asked February 7, 2016, 2:06 AM EST

Hello: I'm attempting to track down a non-patent non-gmo non-cloned cutting/stock/bare root/potted Ribier Grape. Seems this varietal is disappearing. I seek it for juice, but also want to try my hand at improve- ment*. Any idea where these may still be hanging on in a home vinyard? I don't need 1,000 (that quantity I could get) just a few to see if they take to this climate. Thanks in advance!


* As I plan to cross pollinate, etc, to develop an improved type, I don't want to step on anyones' patent

Cochise County Arizona viticulture

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Hello Will,
The best place to look and secure cuttings would be from Foundation Plant Services, at UC-Davis.

The website here lists Ribier 03 as one of their available varieties for distribution - http://fps.ucdavis.edu/grapelist.cfm.

I hope that helps!
Mercy Olmstead