Pesky Chipmunks

Asked February 5, 2016, 3:40 PM EST

Our family put a sun porch addition on the back of the house two years ago. We have French doors at the east and west ends and four Nana wall doors on the south end opening onto the patio, pool and gardens. My question is: Do you have any good ideas how to keep the chipmunks from veering slightly off their course and coming into the room? They have holes all over the tiered garden and escape routes all over the place. One of their routes is running up on the top outer step near the doors and down into the lirope. When the doors are open, they take the opportunity to scuttle in. It's two steps into the rest of house and then they can run to almost anywhere in the house. The first summer we sat with all doors open and enjoyed the view. Last summer we had to close the doors more times than open. Do you have any suggestions? We don't have pets although putting poison out could be dangerous for our son's dog on his visits.

Baltimore County Maryland wildlife chipmunks

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There are no easy answers when dealing with nuisance wildlife. If you are feeding the birds, you may want to stop for a time as this may be a food source for the chipmunks. Use an alternate attractant for birds such as a birdbath. Unless you want to use screening, you will have to close the doors to exclude them from entry. Make their habitat can be made less attractive by altering the pattern of natural and ornamental plantings to provide less cover near foundations of homes.
Also, You may have to consider trapping the chipmunks. Contact the Nuisance Wildlife Information Line for the best way to proceed and trapping information
1-877- 463-6497. The Nuisance Wildlife Information Line enables homeowners to receive guidance on nuisance, injured, or sick wildlife. This service is provided jointly by the MarylandDepartment of Natural Resources (DNR), Wildlife and Heritage Services, and USDA-APHIS. mh