Watering Schedule: Large Jade Crosby

Asked February 4, 2016, 10:13 PM EST

Hello, I have a large jade crosby plant. The plant is 2'4" tall, with a 7" trunk circumference at the base. It sits at a south facing window in my apartment. I was wondering about watering schedule. I read online that during winter I should water about once a month. However, I haven’t been able to find how much water I should be giving it, since it is a larger plant. Right now I have been giving it 16oz of water every month. The plant has been dropping leaves and branches consistently for the past 2 months. However, it also has some new growth. I am not sure whether this has been an over or under watering issue. There is not any other visible disease or pests on the plant. Some leaves are slightly squishy while others are still firm. I do not know the age or source of the plant. How often should I water, and when I do how much water should I be giving it? Attached are a picture of the whole plant, a close up, and a picture of a branch that has fallen off. Thanks in advance, Tom.

King County Washington

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During the summer or "active" growing period, the plant should be in bright light with some direct sunlight and watered moderately,enough to make the mixture thoroughly moist at each watering. During the winter or "rest" period, the room temperature should be no higher than 55 degrees. Water only enough to keep the potting mixture from drying out completely.