When to plant new nursery stock in my garden?

Asked February 3, 2016, 11:43 PM EST

After years of frustration, I am taking out a number of my shrubs and replacing them with deer-resistant plants. I've developed a list of replacements, but now wonder when is the best time to buy them from nurseries and plant them in my yard? I'm eager to get going, but is it still too cold? (I plan to use a wide variety of shrubs, grasses and ferns.)

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2 Responses

We're lucky in this area, the ground never freezes solid, so we can plant shrubs, ferns and grasses at any time of the year. The earlier you get them in, the more time the roots have to adjust before the spring growing season. Ask your nursery about how the plants have been stored. If they have been outdoors, they should be good to plant. If they have been in a greenhouse, they may need a little time to adjust before planting.

One source of information about plants that grow well in our area is www.greatplantpicks.com. Remember to dig the correct sized hole, twice as wide as the pot, and to position the plant so the junction of the roots and the stems is at the soil line. It will be so rewarding to see your selections grow and develop.

I just came across this article from OSU, Selecting, Planting and Caring for a New Tree. Much of the information applies to shrubs as well. It is also available as an app.