Jay Best inquiry 2/3/16

Asked February 3, 2016, 12:21 PM EST

I am a certified pest control tech in PA. I recently moved to MD and need to transfer my license. How do i get more info to do so?

New Jersey

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Hello Jay:

Your recent email came to my attention, since I used to manage the pesticide licensing and certification program in Maryland prior to coming to work at Penn State Extension. If you are just classified as a Technician, that will not be transferable to MD. You will just need to complete a training course with your employer in MD, similar to what you had to do in PA. If you are a certified applicator, there is a process called reciprocity we you can become certified in MD based on certification in your state of residency. There is an application that is available on line from the MD Dept of Agriculture, Pesticide Regulation Section (found under Plants and Pests on the website) that needs to be submitted along with a photocopy of your drivers license and current certificate. However, if you have already switched your drivers license to MD, you would not be eligible for reciprocity since you are now considered a MD resident. You would have to take MD's exams to become certified. The lady that is coordinating that program now is Ashley Jones and she can be reached by email at Ashley.jones4@maryland.gov or her direct extension is 410/841-2767.

Ed Crow