CEU - Email confirmation attendance - Sponsor/Instructor

Asked February 3, 2016, 10:23 AM EST

The purpose of this email is to request confirmation on the following courses that I completed on Extension Learning webinar & MFLN. I took the trainings on computer at Virginia. I am enclosing the list of training that I completed, please send an email to AFCPE (Post Certification to jobiofuma@afcpe.org and obwhite9@yahoo.com). Kindly, Okarsamaa Brooks-White.


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Hi Okarsamaa -
Last week I forwarded you copies of the certificates of completion you have been issued for: Predatory Lending Practices, Estate Planning Basics, 2015 Personal Finance Year in Review, and just now I forwarded a copy of your only remaining certificate: The Culture of Personal Finance. I do not see that you have been awarded a certificate for 4 of the others you list here.
You can obtain your CEUs by uploading the certificates I've forwarded you to the AFCPE website per their instructions (https://my.afcpe.org/users/sign_in)
If you have additional questions, please email me at mollyh2@extension.org