Frost Date

Asked February 2, 2016, 3:34 PM EST

What is the frost date for Anoka county? City of Ramsey.

Anoka County Minnesota frost dates

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While a great deal of data has been collected for frost date over many years, you must realize that they are averages, and the suggested dates are not hard and fast. Furthermore, there are areas within these general localities that contain "micro-climates".

Some of these areas may be warmer, or colder than the averages. A microclimate is an environment with different conditions, such as temperature, wind speed, and drainage from the larger more predominant surrounding conditions. Slopes facing south and west will generally have warmer temperatures throughout the year, whereas slopes facing north and east will have cooler temperatures. Even grass on berms 4-5 feet in height will become green more quickly on the south and west sides than it will on the north or east sides. Since water will tend to drain off the top of the berm more quickly, plants that are more tolerant of drier conditions should be planted towards the top of the berm.

Here are some maps, and data that should help you find your specific locality:

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