Growing Grape Vines in the Caribbean region

Asked February 2, 2016, 3:30 PM EST

I have set some grape vines in small flower pots; they are growing nicely, they are about 4 to 6" tall. When is the best time to transplant them? Can I grow them in a large flower pot? what is the best type of soil to use.

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You can transplant anytime you want, I doubt the vines will go dormant in that climate. Yes you can use a large pot for the first year I would suggest a several gallon pot since grapes grow fast producing a lot of foliage and need a lot of water.
As for soil I would avoid too much sand (too droughthy) or too much clay (might be too wet). A loamy soil with about equal parts of sand, silt and clay. You should think of transplanting into a permanent situation or moving to a really big pot before they become root bound.