How to nurse this plant back to health

Asked February 2, 2016, 8:48 AM EST

I would like to know how to bring the below plant back to health. Can you please review the below questions and get back to me at your earliest convenience? 1. If it could be cut and rooted? I know some things can be. 2. If it should be in bigger pot? 3. How much water to provide? 4. How much sun to provide? Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. It is my sister's plant. She purchased it with here husband , who recently passed away. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND ASSISTANCE. JOHN DAY 302 494-9023 P.S I can also bring the plant in as I am only 5 minutes away.

New Castle County Delaware

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The plant you have sent a picture of is a jade plant, a succulent, or cactus-like houseplant in the plant genus Crassula. It does not look well.

I do not think transplanting to a larger pot will suffice. I would suggest trying to start a new plant from the leaves at the top of that one, which will mean sacrificing the plant for the sake of starting new ones. I suggest taking three pieces all together, the two individual leaves, and the top as one unit with two leaves right below the tip, and sticking them in clean sand in a pot. Keep the sand evenly moist but not sopping wet. Do not leave in very bright sunlight, and do not add fertilizer or plant food. The leaves and tip should start to put out small roots at the base of the leaves.

Once they have put out new roots (probably about 6 weeks) you can pot those rooted new little plants in a pot. At that point you will have three small new little plants. I suggest mixing one half potting soil with one half sand, or purchasing a cactus potting mix at the retail store or garden center. Jade plants prefer some sun, maybe a sunny kitchen window, but water only once a week.

I hope this helps with the rejuvenation of your plant. Although I know this one has sentimental value, you can usually find these in the garden centers in our area, and may want to start with a new one.
Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension.

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