Lavender Pruning

Asked February 1, 2016, 8:53 PM EST

I have a good sized lavender bush by my porch, it was established before we bought the house a year ago oct. 30th. It is laying down instead of standing up more. How can i fix this or prune it to help promote healthy growth? I should mention I live in Sweet Home closer to Foster. Any Idea's or beginning gardening classes that are local and affordable?

Linn County Oregon

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Lavender should be pruned each year to keep it shapely. The best time to prune it is after it flowers in the spring, and it should never be cut back to old wood, which will not resprout. In our wet climate, especially if it is in heavy soil, lavender doesn't tend to have a long lifespan - if yours is so old and woody the rejuvenative pruning is not possible, you might do better starting with a new plant.
Here is a link to more detailed pruning information:
As to garden classes, you're in luck! Insights Into Gardening, a seminar series, is next week,
Spring Into Gardening is in March
If you would really like to learn more about gardening locally, and like to volunteer, consider taking the Master Gardener training next winter.