Is there a poison that I can get/use to rid my yard / creek bed of muskrats....

Asked February 1, 2016, 12:43 PM EST

Is there a poison that I can get/use to rid my yard / creek bed of muskrats. They are starting to do considerable damage and I'd like to know if there is somethingthat I can use.

Stark County Ohio

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The best management option for nuisance muskrats is often trapping. If properly done, it will bring down the population to a tolerable level. It also allows for other treatments, like habitat modification or pesticide application, to be more effective. Here is a fact sheet that covers muskrat trapping: There is also good information in the fact sheet on habitat modification (modifying the elements of the habitat that are attracting muskrats to your property). If you are not comfortable trapping, there are professional nuisance wild animal control operators you can hire. Here is a list:

The only pesticide labeled for use on muskrats in Ohio is zinc phosphide concentrate. It is very poisonous and dangerous to use, which is why it is a restricted use pesticide. This means that you must have a private pesticide applicators license to use the product on your land. Here is some information on how to obtain that license: Some of the nuisance wildlife animal control operators in the above list may also be licensed to use restricted use pesticides.

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