browing leaves on Lauris Nobilis

Asked January 31, 2016, 2:04 PM EST

this standard bay of twenty years was repotted and root pruned six weeks ago. I cannot see any moving insects, however, the leaves are browning. see attached photos. what could be the cause? what to do? I am misting the leaves several times/day. How often and how much water does the root system need?

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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Bay trees can drop leaves for several reasons including nutrient deficiency and the buildup of fertilizer salts in the soil. I would begin by giving the plant a good watering from the top to help wash out any salts in the container and then adding a layer of compost to the pot to boost the organic matter. If you are concerned about excess dryness, you can place the plant on some rocks in a shallow plastic storage and add an inch of water to humidify the air. Too much misting keeps the leaves constantly wet and that can cause new problems.

Bud leaves still browning on edges - using fish fertilizer and watering three times a week - put up temp in glass shower facing West, misting once a day. Usually used plastic container to slip into clay at Flower Show. There are at least fifty healthy cuttings in the area growing like mad - now Grandmother sick.
I grow organically - but with Flower Show soon is there an insecticide I could use?

Here is some additional information you might find helpful, look on right hand side of page and it gives you mineral deficiencies and more.