Shrubs and flowers for troublesome area

Asked January 29, 2016, 10:02 PM EST

I have a troublesome area of landscaping that I need help finding shrubs and flower for. The area is on a westward face directly behind our two story home with a walkout basement, located beneath the bump out in the attached photo. During the summer, this area is nearly completely shaded until late morning (~10 am) then rolls quickly into constant sun thereafter. This area was leveled as well during our home construction so the soils is a very heavy clay. Last year I dug and area and amended heavily with peat moss and potting soil for dahlias and lilies - both did poorly. Gladiolus that were planted there also didn't thrive well. Annuals including bellflowers, clematis, and several other also struggled in this spot. Any recommendations for this area would be greatly appreciated as we start to think about our spring landscaping projects. Kind Regards Zach Rambo

Wright County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. From the photo it's hard to see much detail. The planting bed looks like it has many nice new shrubs in it so we're not sure why other perennials aren't growing well. Perhaps the shrubs are quite new and that's why they look good? They can decline over a period of a year or two if the planting conditions aren't suitable.

1. Can you tell us what mulch material is used in the beds? I

2. Is there a barrier fabric or plastic under the mulch?

3. What are your watering and fertilizing practices?

4. Did a landscape crew plant your yard or did you do it?

Please provide more information and we will try to help you.