Marshy/spongy yard

Asked January 29, 2016, 9:57 AM EST

I have just purchased a home in the Red Mill area of Va.Beach. Soil is marshy, wet. Previous owner kept a nice yard however I have large dogs. Looking for advice on how to treat problem. First thought to add sand and possibly some gypsum. Need help. Thanks, Pete Galanides

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As long as you are not in a protected wetland area the best way to alleviate marshy soils : Plant wet loving plants like willows, clethra, buttonbush, hibiscus to help soak up the water,
do not add sand - you will get concrete -- auger or use a post hole digger to make "wells" 2-3 feet down and fill with organic matter to help drain water away and allow worms etc to break organic materials down and improve soil structure. you could also add drainage trenches or 4" perforated pipe and cover it with landscape fabric in a buried trench to drain water away from areas where the dogs will be more active.
If you have other questions you might call or stop by the Virginia Beach Extension office which is in Building 14 of the municipal complex on Princess Anne Road 2nd floor or call them directly at 757-385-4789.