Asked January 29, 2016, 2:42 AM EST

My mum who recently died planted a Wisteria when she first bought the house. The Wisteria is a reminder of my mum and is extremely important to me. It is magnificent stretching about 20 metres along the patio, draping over the side and then intertwining itself with all the other plants along the driveway. It was a spectacular site until 4 days ago, providing lovely shade, and a home for wildlife.

In sections, the leaves remain green but have shrivelled and then drop off in bucket loads. The weather in Australia this Summer has been extremely hot on some days reaching over 40 degrees and very humid with spasmodic downfalls and then extended dry spells. During the dry spells I have watered it occasionally. The soil type is sandy and throughout its life it has never received plant food.

I don't want to cut it back in the hope this is just temporary but if I'm honest there are large branched sections which look dead.

I have looked up all the possible diseases and none apply to this Wisteria. I have lived here most of my life and the only time I have seen leaves drop (and not green ones) is during Winter. It bloomed as per usual in Spring but I did notice it trying to bloom again during Summer which it usually doesn't do.

I am not certain of where the main root system is because it has a lot of sub branches and is hidden in many sections by bush.

My fear is that the neighbour (there is no fence) could have sawed a major artery (or branch) and perhaps poisoned it.

Any other more comforting explanations would be appreciated.

Outside United States

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Irrigating the plant would be the best to do right now if the neighbor did cut and/or spray part of the plant. No real major disease issues for the plant i know of either. The other possibility might be that it twined around itself and has choked a portion of itself by the twining. Is the whole plant wilting/dying or just a section. Can you send photos? mikeand@vt.edu