Hop Variety for Cal Poly Pomona

Asked January 28, 2016, 4:23 PM EST

I have been asked to locate a source for a newer varietal of hop for Cal Poly Pomona California. I helped build a successful brewery program that includes growing barley We would love to have a variety that would be good for growing in our territory and would be a good addition to the beer brewed and served on campus.

Los Angeles County California

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It would help to know what brewing characteristics you are after. Desired alpha / beta acid content or specific aroma or flavor characteristics. It would also help to know what varieties you are currently growing or have grown in order to help determine what would be "new" to you and what might grow well based on experience with other varieties. Generally variety selection is driven by the market (the brewer) combined with agronomic factors (e.g. disease resistance, yield)

It would also be important to know at what scale you are growing and whether certain brewing qualities are equally or more important to you then yield.

One factor you are probably already keenly aware of is that this crop requires significant amounts of water to grow well. It appears as though you have fairly arid conditions which helps with regard to common hop plant pathogens (e.g. mildews), but to support strong growth and ultimately good yields, water and nutrients are necessary.

The UVM Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Hops Page (http://www.uvm.edu/extension/cropsoil/hops) has results from recent variety trials (done in the Northeast USA). I am not sure of any work being done in a climate similar to yours, although work in the Pacific NW may be relevant (Yakima and Williamette Valleys).