pole beans

Asked January 28, 2016, 1:29 PM EST

The past two years I have had poor results with my usually reliable Blue Lake Pole beans. Flat, stringy, unusable! I have been advised to try Kentucky Blue but read they have strings and I don't like strings in my canned green beans. Any suggestions? Is there a Blue Lake Pole variety that would avoid the problem I had?

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Unfortunately the seed stock of the Blue Lake Pole beans became variable and this was the result. The stock has been back bred to regain the proper bean, but many companies are not yet selling the correct seed. I believe Nichols in Albany is and suggest you check with them. I was disappointed in Kentucky Blue also. The bush variety is still pure, I believe, but I too prefer pole beans for production and ease of picking. Get back to us if Nichols does not have them. It is Nichols Garden Nursery near Millersburg.