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Asked January 28, 2016, 1:14 PM EST

hi, I planted my grape vine about 20 years ago. I was busy, and had small children, so i didnt pay attention to the attached tag which said the name of the variety. They are sweet with a slight tartness, small, light green grapes. Is there any way to find out what variety it is, so I can read up more about it? Also, what can I do with the grape leaves? I have heard that tea can be made from just putting the new leaves into hot water, is that true? thanks in advance for your help.

New York County New York

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Hard to say from the information you have provided. Is it seedless?
Here's a reference about table grape varieties for new york:

Regarding tea: I don't think there is any harm in trying, but I've never heard about grape leaves being used to make tea.