Serving Line Design

Asked January 28, 2016, 11:48 AM EST

HI !

We are in the process of replacing our serving lines at the Elem. School K-6 , I was thinking of switching the order of serving. First put the cold veggies and fruits , then the entree's and Hot vegetables at the end of the line . Milk just before they get to the cashiers, Snacks would have to be asked for from the cashiers. Does this make sense to you guys, and is there anything else I could do, before the equipment is picked out and ordered?

Thank You in advance

Vince Beltrone FSM

Wayne County New York

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There is substantial evidence that students take the item that is first more often. However, it can backfire if it is a side dish. Essentially, some won't take an item if they don't know if it will go with their meal. I don't think this would be an issue with most cold veggies and certainly not with fruit. I like the idea of having fruit at the beginning of the line. Having fruit additionally at the end of the line can increase fruit consumption by almost threefold. Fruit usually does better at the end of the line than milk simply because of the visual attraction of the food. Sounds like a great plan!