Is there still time to prune?

Asked January 26, 2016, 7:28 PM EST

Hello, I have a beautiful weeping Japanese maple, approximately 60 years old. Today is January 26, 2016 and I'm wondering if there is still time to do some pruning for this winter. The temperatures this week and next week look like the 50s and and I see just the tip of the buds coming out. Is there still time to prune? Also, is it correct to not prune unless you'll have two to three days without rain after pruning? And lastly, what time of year do you recommend for pruning, summer or winter? I've read so many differing opinions. Thank you. -Sandra Portland, Or.

Multnomah County Oregon

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You can still prune your Japanese maple.Please m Make sure you use sharp, sterilized pruning tools. A general rule of them is to trim no more than 30 percent of the tree. I attached an article on pruning a Japanese maple. The guidelines are different for pruning other shrubs and trees so let me know if you have other species to prune.