Amur Maple

Asked January 25, 2016, 1:58 PM EST

It looks like you are recommending this tree in your "Trees, Shrubs and Vines" list? The entry says that it's invasive. I can testify that indeed it is here in Winona County. It also appears on the spreadsheet list of recommended trees for our area. But, anyway, I want to plant a few sugar maples that are native to MN. Can you help me find a source that i can trust to have Minnesota grown trees?

Winona County Minnesota

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You are right in that the Amur Maple is beginning to be identified as an invasive. Local nurseries continue to offer them, and in the right place(s) they are still considered a good accent tree. The university is suggesting some alternate small maples that are not considered problematic:

Here is some information about Sugar Maples and some varieties that you could consider.:

As far as local nurseries or garden centers that sell locally grown varieties, you would have to call around. As an educational institution we are not able to recommend any specific commercial businesses.