Replace lawn with natural grasses in Bend, Oregon

Asked January 23, 2016, 10:31 AM EST

I would like to replace my existing lawn with natural grasses. I live just east of Bend, Oregon in the high desert. My goal is to reduce watering needs and mowing requirements. Because I live outside of town maintaining an effective fire perimeter is important. Any suggestions on replacing the lawn with a natural alternative? Thanks, Todd Daggett

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Hi Todd, A turfgrass stand is going to one of the best plants in creating a defensible space within the first 30 feet of your home. Native grasses are not going to be very fire-resistant and are generally recommended to be used further out . Here is a link to native plants including native grasses:

Native grasses often used for restoration include Idaho fescue, Sandberg Bluegrasss, or annual rye. You can hydroseed grasses at a rate of17 lb/acre or if you are dryseeding you would triple that rate.

Here is additional information on creating a defensible space. Fire-resistant plant guide:

Let me know if you have further questions.