biochar application guidelines

Asked January 22, 2016, 8:17 PM EST

I am presently in Belize and recently visited a research farm that advocates the use of Bio Char based on their study of ancient Mayan techniques and their uses of it to promote rooting and higher yields.

Can you direct me to data sources that can be used to engineer
the application of Biochar to a 1000 that, based on CSU soil test lab results, is otherwise suitable for home garden use?

The garden of concern is in Aurora, Co and has been enriched to provide a sandy loam by addition of composed manure, wood chips, both in soil and as a mulch, to improve water retention over a 15 year period.

Outside United States

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If you do a search in CSU Publications there are several items listed for bichar.

here is the leading publication on Biochar.

Most of our other Land Grant university have some resources on biochar as well.