permeable surfaces for playgrounds

Asked January 22, 2016, 6:25 PM EST

I am working on a committee to replace the existing playground at our school with an new inclusive playground. The current playground surface is mulched which is difficult for our students with wheelchairs to navigate. We are looking to replace the current surface with a smooth surface, but we want to consider storm water management when replacing the surface (we are currently a green school). Any ideas for permeable surfaces that would meet current storm water management regulations? Should we look at a permeable pavement for the base of our playground?

Cecil County Maryland playgrounds permeable pavers

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I am not the expert in this area, however, I received your question since I work in the U of MD Cecil County Office. I will forward your question to several of my coworkers that work in the sea grant/water stewards area to see if they have any recommendations. Are you at Bay View Elementary?