This was in my car!!!!

Asked January 21, 2016, 4:31 PM EST

Can anyone please tell me what kind of spider is this? Where do they come from? And are they poisonous?

Please note: the picture was taken from bottom of spider not top. This his the belly side of spider.

Los Angeles County California

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It is an Argiope spider. Harmless and not venomous to humans, also not aggressive. They are cosmopolitan and not unusual to find.

My spider does not look like the Argiope Spider to me. I did some more research and found that my spider looks more like the Orb Weaver Spider. The stomach dots and colors match up better than the Argiope Spider. Please compare and tell me what you think.

Argiope is a genus of many species of spiders. Orb weavers is a general term for many different types of spiders, which includes Argiope spiders. Orb weaver is kind of similar to calling a dog a terrier - there are many different types of terriers, its an umbrella term that gives some specifics to the breed.
Orb weaver spiders are any spider that produces an orb shaped web, like a wagon wheel and catch their prey in their web. Different from a wolf spider or jumping spider, for instance, which hunt for their prey and rarely if ever spin a web.

Looking at the underside of the spider, I cannot tell you the species, but it looks like Argiope aurantia. Some more specific common names for this type of spider is Black and Yellow Garden Spider, Yellow Garden Spider, Banana Spider (which it isn't, these are only found in S. America), Zipper Spider, Signature Spider, or Argiope Spider.

Ok, thank you for the assistance.