Moss in the yard

Asked January 21, 2016, 12:16 PM EST

can I use moss killer to kill the moss in my yard? Will the moss killer have an effect on the grass seed? Or should I rake it up and remove it?

Clackamas County Oregon

1 Response

Spring, when mosses and grasses are growing robustly, is the best time to treat your lawn for moss. Dethatching your lawn can remove 75% of moss. Iron compounds can be very effective, especially in liquid form that tends to saturate the moss , and they shouldn't hurt the grass seed.

For long-term results optimize conditions for the lawn grasses so they outcompete the mosses. Lawns need sun, appropriate watering (less frequent and deeper), proper pH and fertilizing. Since last summer was so hot and dry, lawns were stressed. Then this winter has seen so much water- much to mosses liking. Make sure you have the proper grasses for your conditions (sunny vs shady), fertilize at appropriate times and have proper drainage.

These articles from OSU, Practical Lawn Care for Western Oregon and Lawn and Turf Moss have excellent information on producing a great lawn, and on treatments to discourage and kill moss.