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Asked January 19, 2016, 7:21 PM EST

My indoor plants have been dying. After reading this article I believe it is due to the stink bug in my home. I have been trying natural remedies but nothing is 100 percent working. Please advise. Thanks

Perry County Pennsylvania

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One method of control:

Insecticides of any kind are not recommended for indoor stink bug control. Vacuuming up bugs is the recommended control once you have them indoors. Sealing cracks, mending ripped screens and blocking other access points is recommended for denying stink bug access to the home.

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On a side note, while diatomaceous earth can be used for some indoor pest issues, it is important to NEVER use pool filter grade diatomaceous earth indoors as it is a respiratory hazard.

Thomas Bolles
Environmental Educator
Virginia Cooperative Extension - Prince William Unit

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