Lead in Flint, Michigan water

Asked January 19, 2016, 6:10 PM EST

Will watering a community garden with city of Flint water contaminate vegetable plants?

Genesee County Michigan

2 Responses

The short answer at this point is do not use City of Flint water to to water vegetable plants in a community garden.

The situation with the water in Flint is new. Something we have not dealt with before. I have contacted Dr. Darryl Warncke, Retired Professor in the Crops and Soils Department concerning your question. Darryl is getting back with me and I'll have to get back with you as soon as I can find out more.

For now, the short answer is no don't do it.

Hello, I wanted to respond back with a link to a resource that directly addresses the use of Flint, MI water for watering home gardens. The link is as follows:


This fact sheet as well as others on the MSU Extension web site should answer your questions relative to lead contaminated water and it's use for watering garden vegetables. My co-workers in Genesee County put these materials together. If you have further questions, I'd say contact the MSUE Genesee County office at 810-244-8531.