Peach tree chilling hours

Asked January 19, 2016, 11:15 AM EST

Red Haven and Hale Haven peach trees are not on the recommended list of Agri Life Extension.
What are the problems with growing them in the city of Bastrop?

Bastrop County Texas

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Red Haven and Hale Haven peaches are older varieties that have simply been replaced by newer varieties. We try to represent the best choices for new orchards, and older varieties can still be used if desired and suited to the climate.
Bastrop County is a medium chilling region with approximately 600 chill hours each winter. It is recommended that you plant deciduous fruit trees that have a chilling requirement within 150 hours (above or below) the average chilling for your growing region. Thus, you should consider varieties from 450 to 750 in Bastrop. Red Haven and Hale Haven have too high chilling requirement for Bastrop, both being 850+ chillers. 'TexRoyal', 'TexKing', 'La Feliciana', 'Southern Pearl', and 'JuneGold' would be better choices.