invading bug

Asked January 18, 2016, 10:06 AM EST

what is the bug that is 1/2", orange belly, black wings with one orange stripe across the middle of the wing, two long antennas. Looks like they might also have two small transparent wings over the orange belly. I believe this to be the same bug that was all over the doors in the sun in the fall and coming into the house. Now I see more of them than stink bugs. At first I thought they were lightning bugs. Kinda looked like them.

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

You may be referring to the box elder bug, a nuisance insect. The good news is that they are not harmful to humans or pets. In early fall these insects will attempt to enter your home for protection. Prevention includes caulking, weather strip and sealing up all cracks and entry points around your house foundation, vent openings, windows and doorways to prevent these critters from coming indoors. We do not recommend insecticides indoors. You can use a shop vac indoors and drown in soapy water or vacuum up the bugs and dispose of the bag. Outdoors the insects can be knocked down with a forceful spray of soapy water. If plants are nearby you may want to use insecticidal soap. For more information see our Box Elder publication