Please help identify these biting bugs

Asked January 17, 2016, 11:03 AM EST

I have been bitten by something in my home for over 6 months now. I am not sure if my cats brought them in from the woods and fields around me, if they were driven in by termite plugs installed in yard or if weekend guest brought them in. I have scoured the internet for identification with no luck. None of the high end pestisides have erraticated them. The first picture is from my bed which is a waterbed so no mattress or box spring where they can hide. The second is from my couch where my cat had been sleeping. There are also tiny black specks that I can not get an accurate picture of. These bugs have mainly bitten me in my scalp, neck and upper back with very few random ones any lower than my shoulder blades. And when I say bitten I mean hundreds of bites over the last 6 months with hard scarring that takes weeks to heal. If you could give me ANY idea on what they are I would be eternally greatfull !

Benton County Mississippi

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The pictures you sent are not of high enough quality to provide you with a firm answer; however the second picture looks suspiciously like flea tapeworm proglottids. This is the egg stage of flea tapeworm. They are dropped from the anal opening on an infested pet. If I am correct in this diagnosis you are likely experiencing fleas, and your cat probably needs to be examined by a veterinarian. Collect some of these rice-shaped objects and bring to the vet to confirm a diagnosis. For more information about fleas and flea tapeworm, see our fact sheet
The first picture is un-identifiable, but is not a bed bug--