Animal droppings on my lawn

Asked January 14, 2016, 10:50 AM EST

Almost every morning I notice animal droppings on my lawn, around the same area, between the garage and the fence we share with our neighbors. They are of a dark Color, almost black. Also, a couple of times now, I would see a heap of dead grass, in the middle of the backyard, covering droppings which are lighter in color!! As if the animal wanted to cover its dropping!! We have a rather large backyard, with only 2 trees and some shrubs on the side. We have no pets and neither any of our surrounding neighbors. There are a lot of squirrels in our subdivision, and man made lakes. Please help me identify these droppings. So far I have not seen any damage to the lawn, just the annoying sight of the droppings!! Thank you for your help.

Harris County Texas

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Your culprits are most likely squirrels. Below is a link that describes the droppings in detail. If the droppings you are seeing are a little larger than the description given to the squirrel, your other likely suspects would be raccoons or opossums. The link below also has pages for raccoons and opossums where you can link to pictures and descriptions of their droppings.