Definition of mature vegetable

Asked January 13, 2016, 5:15 PM EST

I am a registered dietitian (and OSU alum), who was recently told by a client that it was recommended he avoid "mature vegetables" to help alleviate his IBS symptoms, While I generally understand what a mature vegetable is, I was still curious if there is a more concise definition that I should be aware of . Thank you so much!

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This is one difficult question! I spoke with registered dietitians, master gardeners, agriculture specialists and no one has ever heard of a definition for "mature vegetables" other than vegetables that would be at their peak of ripeness. I would refer patient back to whomever recommended that he avoid mature vegetables to help alleviate IBS..and ask to clarify why! We are not medical clinicians and therefore cannot discern the reason for this suggestion or who might have suggested this. Perhaps ask someone in the medical field who works with gastric patients. Hope this is helpful!