Unknown house plant

Asked January 13, 2016, 5:13 PM EST

Received this plant as a gift and I would like to know its name please.

Outside United States

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This is a chrysanthemum, commonly shortened to "Mum." This type of mum is called a cushion mum, because it grows on low, bushy stems. . Most of the mums sold as potted gifts in spring are designated as "florist mums." They do not have an extensive root system like "hardy mums" have (which are sold in pots in autumn), so they will not survive very cold temperatures. When your plant is done blooming, you can cut the spent flowers off and plant it in your garden. You can transplant it any time except during the hottest part of summer. They should be able to tolerate nightime temps of 0F/-18C when established, although in my experience, many won't survive. But you can continue to enjoy your chrysanthemum as an annual plant. Here is more information for you:



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