How to filter water from a rainwater cistern?

Asked January 13, 2016, 1:44 PM EST

Hello--I hope someone at the UK Extension can help me (I'm a UK grad in law :-)). I just bought a house in Boone County with a large, swimming-pool-like rainwater cistern under the house, all in good condition. Bottom line: I want to know what kind of whole-house filtration system I should get to filter this water for drinking and bathing. The owners said they boil the water, but still won't drink it (they buy water in jugs for drinking). I cannot find information anywhere locally. Help! Thank you so much, and I now wish I'd majored in agriculture. :-) Sincerely, Diane Schneider

Boone County Kentucky

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Hello. Thank you for your question. In order for us to see if we have the information you need in this area, we will need additional information. Please contact Rex McBride, Extension Agent for Environmental Education. His contact information is below.

Rex McBride
Boone County Office
(6028 Camp Ernst Rd.)
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Burlington, KY 41005-0876
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