Asked January 12, 2016, 8:17 AM EST

Daughter gave me seeds from china. Suppose to be orchid.

Benton County Arkansas orchids plant identification iris

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I'm not an orchid specialist, but I think these are most likely Iridaceae (irises) or, if it is an orchid, possibly a Cymbidium. Perhaps as they grow larger you'll see more identifying characteristics.

The most important characteristics for identification of the Iris Family foliage is sword-like leaves with parallel veins growing in a flat plane. This growth pattern results in a fan like appearance at the base of the plant. This is what I'm seeing with your plants.

This article helps with identification of orchids--it shows both the flower and the foliage of different varieties of orchids.http://www.repotme.com/orchid-care/Orchid-Identification.html