Potted Tulips Which Bloom Indoors in Water (A Christmas Gift)

Asked January 11, 2016, 11:10 AM EST

My gift of water-based tulips have never bloomed as they should have. They are now beginning to dry up at the point of each leaf. I have religiously kept the water above the root line as the pot is clear glass and that is no problem in monitoring the water level. The have been in the bow window and get plenty of sun and light (as much as Dec/Jan. will allow in Hagerstown, MD). What do I do with these seven blubs now? Let them dry up or put them into the soil outside the house even though its 18 degrees today and the ground is frozen.

Washington County Maryland

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Thanks for your question. I would let the bulbs die back naturally indoors as they would if they were planted outside in the ground. That lets the leaves feed the bulb for the next bloom. Then I would remove the bulbs from the water and put them someplace cool and dry until you can plant them in the spring. They may rebloom next year.