What kind of cactus is this?

Asked January 11, 2016, 8:49 AM EST

Can anyone identify this plant? Usually it's dark burgundy with white small flowers on the leaves.

Volusia County Florida

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Do the flowers bloom at night or during the day?

Your plant looks like a variety of Epiphyllum cactus. In nature, they grow on other plants, but only use them as a support. They're great in hanging baskets because of their long, pendant shaped leaves. They are only hardy to about 50F, so if it's supposed to get colder than that, be sure to bring it in or at least cover it. Because of where you live, you frequently get nights like that during the winter. They are fairly inactive in the winter, but the growing/blooming season starts in late spring to early summer. It prefers partial shade to full sun. If you give it brighter sun in the spring, it should produce more flowers. Unless this plant is located where it gets the usual rain for your area, you'll need to water it. In the summer, keep its planting medium moist. Cut back some in the winter when it's not actively growing. Make sure whatever you have it potted in drains very quickly, to mimic its growing conditions in the wild.

Many of these Epiphyllum cacti bloom at night, but not all of them. Without seeing the flower, I can't tell you the variety. However, here's a website that has a lot of the varieties along with images. Perhaps you can find yours here. Click on the alphabetized catalog links at the bottom of the page to browse through their photo gallery.