calorie burn for a horse

Asked January 9, 2016, 7:51 AM EST

Hi, how many calories does a horse burn sprinting, does anyone know what the calculations are ? distance, speed, time, weight..... Cheers Alan

Outside United States

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Hi – your question would be best asked of an equine physiologist, but here are a few resources that might help a bit. There is an introductory article at Also, is the ultimate resource for equine nutritional requirements; p. 23 and following and p. 294 and following should help answer your question. Finally, this scientific article seems relevant: It includes a quadratic equation into which you can put data and determine megacalories of digestible energy required due to work load of horses. Be advised that in animals we use Mcal (megacalorires) and in humans we use Kcal (kilocalories or just calories).

The wasn't a proper calc in the writing. It had a simple one which used 0.137 which means nothing.

Can anyone else help ?

I'm checking with an equine exercise physiologist for help.