High altitude temp adjustment

Asked January 8, 2016, 10:05 PM EST

Every online reference quotes the same USDA info on adjusting temp for deep frying, however, that information is incomplete. I understand it says 3 degrees reduction for each 1000 feet of elevation. Nowhere, however, is there any info for reciprocal adjustment to cooking time. Can you help me out? I got a large new electric deep fryer. I've done the turkey, unfortunately before I knew about the adjustment needed. The turkey was undercooked. I also want to try potstickers and other smaller foods. At 3 degrees reduction per 1,000 feet, how much should cooking time be increased for the turkey and for smaller foods?

Klamath County Oregon

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Thanks for your question. Living at 4000 feet does require adjustment in cooking doesn't it? After checking several references related to high altitude cooking, the 3 degree reduction per 1,000 feet appears to be a standard. As far as how long to deep fry specific items, that should be based on the internal temperature and will vary based on the food product. For example turkey should reach internal temperature of 165. So you will need to check internal temperatures to decide if a food item is "done." That will ensure the item is safe to eat although that does not ensure optimal quality--that might take some experimenting on your part to see what works best. You might also give a call to the manufacturer of your deep fryer to see if they have specific suggestions on making adjustments. Below is link on deep fat frying and food safety with internal temperatures and approximate cooking times.