potatoes sprouting early

Asked January 8, 2016, 10:09 AM EST

Garden potatoes that were reserved for planting in the spring have started to sprout. Can the potatoes be saved and still planted in March? They have been kept in a garage, but should be moved to the basement? Will potatoes which have sprouted so early still produce a decent crop by next summer or should I compost them and start over? Thank you.

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If the potatoes are last season’s garden tubers or store-bought potatoes, they may be symptomless disease carriers and should be avoided. We do not recommend planting them. Also, wilted and sprouted potatoes have reduced vigor. You can compost them.

Purchase certified, disease-free seed potatoes from a reputable company. Seed potatoes should be firm and un-sprouted. See our Vegetable profile on potatoes for more information http://extension.umd.edu/growit/vegetable-profiles-potatoes