Beet grub/worm control

Asked January 7, 2016, 1:53 PM EST

I live in Zone 4. For the past two years some type of grub/worm has been eating my growing beet bulbs. It does not eat the above ground portion of the plant. How do I control this? I use Sevin to control insects on my cucumbers but have not used it on the beets. The grub/worm does not affect any other vegetable plants in my garden. Last year I was not able to harvest any beets due to this problem. Thanks for your help. Don

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Several grubs attack beets, control has to be tailored to the bug that is responsible. An important pest control component is crop rotation and sanitation. If
you don't have enough garden space to practice crop rotation not planting beets for 2 years, although, disappointing would be something to try. Check over the fact sheets and determine what the most likely pest is and how to control them.