Soil quality of prospective small farm

Asked January 7, 2016, 1:49 PM EST

I'm considering purchasing 50 acres in Caldwell County, TX that consist mostly of "Crockett gravelly fine sandy loam 1 to 5% slopes eroded" and "Crockett soil, 2 to 5% slopes eroded. The organic matter is listed as 1.25 percent in the top 8 inches.
Most of the data regarding these soils on Web Soil Survy seems negative to me. Then again, I'm very ignorant about these matters. I'd like to raise a few grass fed cattle and free ranging chickens on the land in the style of Joel Salatin. How can I find out if the soil is too poor or not the right type for my purposes? Can this type of soil be improved? Thanks for the help!

Duval County Florida soil and fertility issues

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Please contact the Caldwell county extension agent.

Michael Haynes

County Extension Agent

• 4-H Coordinator

• Ag and Natural Resources

• County Extension Agent