Soil quality of prospective small farm

Asked January 7, 2016, 1:49 PM EST

I'm considering purchasing 50 acres in Caldwell County, TX that consist mostly of "Crockett gravelly fine sandy loam 1 to 5% slopes eroded" and "Crockett soil, 2 to 5% slopes eroded. The organic matter is listed as 1.25 percent in the top 8 inches.
Most of the data regarding these soils on Web Soil Survy seems negative to me. Then again, I'm very ignorant about these matters. I'd like to raise a few grass fed cattle and free ranging chickens on the land in the style of Joel Salatin. How can I find out if the soil is too poor or not the right type for my purposes? Can this type of soil be improved? Thanks for the help!

Duval County Florida

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Please contact the Caldwell county extension agent.

Michael Haynes

County Extension Agent

• 4-H Coordinator

• Ag and Natural Resources

• County Extension Agent