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Asked January 6, 2016, 1:26 PM EST

Most plants require small amounts of nutrients in addition to nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Where can I obtain a table of the amounts and types of additional nutrients required by peppers, cucumbers, radishes, snap beans, lima beans, peas, and lettuce? Where can I get a table for blackberries, strawberries, and blue berries? Where can I get a table for common garden herbs such as parsley, garlic, chives, lovage, sage, tarrajon, sweet cicley, thyme, orageno, fennel, majoram, rosemary, and apple and pepper mints?

Charles County Maryland

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We know of no tables that provide the information you are seeking. You are quite right in pointing out the specific needs for many plants, but the requirements go well beyond the actual nutrients. Soil pH, soil type, available sunlight and moisture requirements are equally important. Particularly for the herbs, you may want to research the native conditions; several of them are Mediterranean in origin and prefer alkaline soils, etc.
Also, legumes do not usually require nitrogen until they begin to produce fruit. While there may be useful information available for individual plants, again, we know of no table that provides that information for all of the plants on your list.
Generally speaking, our native soil contains most of the micro nutrients in adequate amounts, and N-P-K, being the greater required nutrients are added in appropriate amounts at the appropriate times depending on the plant's growth/productivity.

I'd like to add that using compost and organic fertilizer should provide micronutrients you are concerned about, but obtaining a soil test might allay your concerns - or discover any deficiencies. Good luck from another MD gardener.